If there's a community called "creative industries," then getting hints from Stefan Sagmeister would be the dream of everyone in that group. It's impossible not…

Crystal Series

“I select colors inspired from the color of the nature. I use sunset of evening sky and color of daybreak sky, and recently work with color of leaves of tree. I try to express the color of leaves which is glittering in sunny day.” SAEROOM YOON

Daily Dose of Wit: Alessio Franceschetto

It’s indisputable that little details require great intelligence and creativity. We cannot contain our excitement when we see designs that make us think that. One of our recent reasons to love Instagram is Alessio’s designs which bring an unusual perspective to daily objects. If you like irony, humor and pop-art, you’ll love Alessio Franceschetto.

Good Taste Meets Bad Taste: Amit Baruch

Sometimes a fashion designer, other times a trend forecaster or a contemporary artist. Amit Baruch’s actions resemble minute surprises that suddenly colors the tediousness of daily life. Cheap perfume, political figures, and toilet paper... She reshapes everything that is passé and boring, and each of her works bears a trace of candidness, mischief and humor. Though she’s still in the green days of her career, we’re sure that we’ll be hearing more of her in the following years.