The crocodile’s journey which began on a tennis court in 1933 continues to shape style in sports with its early excitement after 85 years!

The short-sleeved shirt weaved with the unique “piqué” fabric, which is currently known as the classic Lacoste polo shirt, was first worn by French tennis champion René Lacoste in 1933. The design brought along a revolution and a new sense of style in menswear by replacing the classic long- sleeved shirts. For 85 years, Lacoste makes no compromises in creativity while offering quality, comfort and style in a meticulous combination.

Istanbul hosted the brand’s 85th year anniversary comprising nuances of its iconic pieces. Turning René Lacoste’s heritage into a virtual reality experience, the exhibition takes us on a ride into the adventure of the crocodile which has become one of the most iconic symbols of the fashion scene!

Kasket, Polo / Cap, Üst / Sweatshirt: LACOSTE

Canan Soylu can be herself the most when she’s dancing. “Naturally, I go back to my essence. I can’t stop myself.” Amine’s “Blackjack” and Leikeli47’s “Girl Blunt” are two of the tracks on her favorite playlist. She finds it very hard to choose one. She’s quite clear about summarizing her perspective in life – “keep it real.”

Gömlek / Shirt, Triko / Sweater, Saç aksesuarı / Hair Acesories: LACOSTEEtek / Skirt: GANT
Polo Üst / Polo Shirt, Ceket / Jacket: LACOSTE
Polo Üst / Polo Shirt, Ceket / Jacket, Pantolon / Trousers, Kemer / Belt: LACOSTE Shoes / Ayakkabılar: LACOSTE
How many people do you know who describe themselves as a cutie and has the self-confidence to say it out loud? Let us introduce you to Carolin Almozlino. When we ask her about the moment which makes her smile about her school years, she takes us back to the salsa performance of her and a Brazilian exchange student named Paulo. How many of us have managed to fit a jumping, turning, dizzying dance show in a school memory?
Shirt / Gömlek, Sweater / Triko, Hair Acesories / Saç aksesuarı: LACOSTESkirt / Etek: GANT
Triko / Sweather, Sırt Çantası / Backpack: LACOSTEBermuda Şort / Bermuda Shorts: BURBERRYAyakkabılar / Shoes: CONVERSE

Serdar Bozuk’s favorite children’s book was the “Beauty and the Beast.” Back then, he was remaining the characters he read in books. Now, he’s taking firm steps to achieve his goals. To him, “being himself” is what life is about! “I feel like myself when I’m spending time with the people I love, when I experience new places, and when I’m alone in nature.”

Polo Üst / Polo Shirt, Pantolon / Trousers: LACOSTEAyakkabılar / Shoes: CONVERSE
Kasket, Polo / Cap, Üst / Sweatshirt: LACOSTE: Pantolon / Trousers: BURBERRY

The memory of childhood that left a mark on Arno Özbil’s life is when he cut his hair with scissors and had to shave it off because it wasn’t looking good. “Everyone made fun of me, and I’ve never cut my hair short since then.” He feels like himself whenever he’s with his childhood friends. While modeling enables him to take on multiple characters, he still dreams of turning into Lucifer, played by Tom Ellis.

Üst / Top, Şort / Shorts: LACOSTEAyakkabılar / Shoes: CONVERSE
Gömlek / Shirt, Triko / Sweater, Saç aksesuarı / Hair Accessories: LACOSTEEtek / Skirt: GANT, Çoraplar / Socks: EDITOR’S OWN/EDITÖRE AİTLoafer: BURBERRY
Kasket, Polo / Cap, Üst / Sweatshirt: LACOSTE: Pantolon / Trousers: BURBERRY

Seda Akman starts by confessing that she was a “highly social student.” “Rather than books, I was more interested in social, sportive and artistic activities.” She used to play volleyball and is now passionate about tennis. She’s always turned to sports as a way to recharge her energy. She feels closer to her essence whenever she is by herself.

Üst / Top, Şort / Shorts: LACOSTEAyakkabılar / Shoes: CONVERSE
Creative Direction by Duygu Bengi
Fashion by Burak Sanuk
Photography: Mustafa Nurdoğdu
Videography by Cemre Okyay
Hair by Mustafa Akgül
Make-up by Burcu Taş
Starring Canan Soylu, Carolin Almozlino, Arno Özbil, Serdar Bozok, Seda Akman.