RUSH  Based Istanbul October Issue Videography Fora Norman Art Direction Serra Duran Styling Burak Sanuk Hair&Make-Up Önder Tiryaki

BI Creatıve - We Love What We Do

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That one place where time slows down or even stops. Caspar Claasen, Amsterdam based photographer, in his Musea series captures detached museum visitors contemplating art


A very french afternoon with Nilperi! Coucou by #basedistanbul Starring Nilperi Şahinkaya Directed by Serra Duran Videographed by Fora Norman Drone operated by Emirhan Paralı

BI Creatıve - We Love What We Do

alike: Bensu Soral & Hande Soral

You may have a lot of privileges in life – a good job, beauty, good friends, financial opportunities and many more. You can be born with it or earn it all through hard work and determination. But a real privilege is having a sibling, and all you need is the chance to have that. No one will understand, protect, love or support you no matter what as much as them. Here’s a story which will resonate with those who have siblings and envy those who don’t. Let’s hear Hande Soral and Bensu Soral.